Partial Draft

Kōfuku Jitsugentō: Happiness Realization Party


The Happiness Realization Party1
Draft of a New Constitution of Japan2
June 15, 2009


We the Japanese people here enact a new Constitution of Japan, our hearts as those of the deities of Shintō and Buddhism, aiming for the development and prosperity of Japan and the whole world, and basing our human dignity on the essence of being the children of the kami and the Buddhas.

Article 1.
The people shall revere harmony and abstain from conflict as a principle. Moreover, they will actively endeavor towards the construction of world peace.

Article 2.
Freedom of religion is guaranteed for all.

Article 3.
The Executive shall be carried out as a presidential system by national referendum. The method of election and term of office of the President shall be determined by law.

Article 4.
The President is the head of the State and the chief officer of national defense. The President may dismiss the Ministers.

Article 5.
A defense corps consisting of land, sea and air forces shall be organized to protect the lives, safety and property of the people. Moreover, domestic security shall be under the police.

Article 6.
All laws apart from presidential orders shall be enacted by a Diet composed of members of the Diet elected by the people. The number of members, their terms of office, and their composition shall be determined by law.

Article 7.
When a contradiction arises between the law of the President and the law of the Diet, it shall be arbitrated by the chief judicial officer. If no conclusion is reached within two weeks, the law of the President shall have priority.

Article 8.
The courts shall consist of a three-tier judicial system, but the chief judicial officer shall be chosen from members of the people with specialist knowledge of the law and who are of high moral standing.3

Article 9.
Public officials shall be appointed according to their ability, and remunerated according to their accomplishments. Public officials shall bear the mission of supporting the State and serving the people.

Article 10.  
All are guaranteed equality of opportunity and all freedoms within the boundary of the law.

Article 11.
The State shall constantly aim for a small government and low taxation, and guarantee the freedom of the people to participate in politics.

Article 12.
The mass media may not abuse its powers, and must constantly be responsible towards conscience and the people.

Article 13.
Local self-government shall be respected, but it must not overlook its duty to the State.

Article 14. 
The Emperor system and its related cultural traditions shall be respected. However, the scope and substance of its powers shall not exceed the independence of the executive, legislative and judiciary, as provided for by law.

Article 15.
This Constitution shall abolish the old Constitution. It may be amended based on the consent of the President, with the proposal of a majority of members of the Diet and a national referendum.

Article 16.
Matters not stipulated in this Constitution shall be provided for by presidential order or by laws enacted in the Diet.