Atarashii Kenpō o Tsukuru Kokumin Kaigi

Jishu Kenpō Seitei Kokumin Kaigi (alternate name)

[National Citizens’ Council for Making a New Constitution] 

Atarashii Kenpō o Tsukuru Kokumin Kaigi (新しい憲法をつくる国民会議/自主憲法制定国民会議) was founded in 1969, aiming to support a pro-constitutional revision group of lawmakers, Jishu Kenpō Kisei Giin Dōmei (自主憲法期成議員同盟), created in 1955 and currently named Shinkenpō Seitei Giin Dōmei (新憲法制定議員同盟). The main founder and first chairperson of this group was former Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi.

On their website, this group provides information about their conferences and publications, including articles by the current chairperson, Jumpei Kiyohara, and the constitutional drafts that they have released, which are available in the “Archive (アーカイブ)” tab; they finalized their third constitutional draft in 2006. The draft specified the Emperor as the head of state, mentioned respect for families as fundamental social community units, and recognized Japan maintaining its self-defense Army (国防軍).