International Religious Fellowship

Kokusai Shūkyō Dōshikai

The International Religious Fellowship (国際宗教同志会) was founded in 1947 by the President of Dōshisha University, Toraji Makino, along with religious leaders from different religious groups, such as Jōdo Shinshū Hongwanji-ha, Shinshū Ōtani-ha, Jōdo-shū, Shingonshū Daigo-ha, Yasaka Shrine, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kyoto, the United Church of Christ in Japan, Konkō-kyo, Tenrikyō, Ōomoto Jinrui Aizenkai, Ittōen, and Sumiyoshi Taisha. Doshisha University is a private university in Kyoto-City, which was founded in 1875 as Doshisha English School by a Protestant educator, Jō Niijima.

According to their prospectus, as of 1947, the International Religious Fellowship welcomed and supported the renunciation of war that was determined in Article 9 in the postwar constitution; the founders believed that their religious practices would contribute to realization of the idea. This group does not officially take a political stance regarding constitutional revision, but they have regularly organized seminars, dealing with today's domestic and international topics, including security issues.