Japanese Society for History Textbook Reform

Atarashii Rekishi Kyōkasho o Tsukuru Kai

The Japanese Society for History Textbook Revision (新しい歴史教科書をつくる会) intends to make textbooks that encourage Japanese youth to feel confident and proud of their country. This group, called Tsukuru Kai for short, claims that the current major history textbooks contain propaganda from Japan’s former enemies and treat Japan’s young generation as if they were "destined to become criminals."

In 2015, the government authorized the history and civic-education textbooks for middle schools that this group compiled. The history textbook questioned the justice of the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal, and the textbook didn’t mention the Nanjing Massacre, claiming it was fake. The civic-education textbook highlighted the importance of patriotism and the Emperor’s authority in Japanese civic society. Tsukuru Kai has developed a nation-wide movement to push schools to use their textbooks.