Japanese Trade Union Confederation (Rengō, JTUC)

Nihon Rōdō Kumiai Sōrengōkai (Rengō)

Founded in 1987, the Japanese Trade Union Confederation (Rengō, JTUC) is the largest national center for labour unions in Japan. It was originally composed of several labor unions, including groups related to the Social Democratic Party of Japan/Japan Socialist Party (日本社会党, JSP) and the Democratic Socialist Party (民社党, DSP).

Since its foundation, Rengō has officially supported parties that take non-Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and non-Japanese Communist Party (JCP) stances, such as the JSP and the DSP; the JSP was renamed the Social Democratic Party (社会民主党, SDP) in 1996, and the DSP dissolved in 1994.

Working with multiple political parties, Rengō Tokyo also supported a LDP candidate in the Tokyo gubernatorial election in 2014 (see a related article here). Meanwhile, Rengō published a statement to criticize the government for pushing the security bills in 2015. As of 2018, Rengō vacillated between the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (立憲民主党, CDP) and the Democratic Party for the People (国民民主党, DPFP) amid the decline of the SDP (see a related article here).