Nihon Keizai Dantai Rengōkai

The Japan Business Federation (Keidanren) is one of the largest three business groups in Japan; the others are the Japan Association of Corporate Executives (経済同友会) and the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (日本商工会議所). Keidanren is composed of major companies in Japan and has been influential in politics, representing big business in Japan.

This group has a long history of providing donations to mainly the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP, 自民党). In 2010, Keidanren stopped organizing campaign finance as a group, letting member companies make their own decisions on political donations; Keidanren has still reviewed each political party's policy and provided criteria for the decisions. 

In 2005, Keidanren published a report on significant issues that the current Japanese system has faced, such as security and the constitution. The report suggests Article 9 specify the status of the SDF and enable Japan to exercise its collective self-defense right. In the report, Keidanren also pointed out: the Preamble looks like a word‐for‐word translation from the GHQ’s draft and unnatural as Japanese; and Japanese people have become more irresponsible and self-interested because the constitution focuses on the people’s rights more than their duties to contribute to public communities.