Kokutai Sōzō

[Creating a National Polity]

Kokutai Sōzō’s website is centered around diplomatic and national defense problems. The author of the website also has a sister site, “Sayoku ga sayoku ni sayoku toki.” The author argued that the understanding of Japan’s postwar history and views on diplomacy and national difference had been distorted by the “left wing.” In addition, the author criticizes the Asahi Shinbun (known for its liberal tone), the Communist Party, and the Socialist Party. The author also claims that the Nanjing Massacre and the comfort women are not historical facts. 

The main points of Kokutai Sōzō’s draft of the Constitution are the separation of authority (the Imperial Household) and power (the government) to prevent a dictatorship, decentralization through the abolishment of prefectures (todōfuken) and the establishment of an administrative division consisting of the central government and domains (han). The author proposed reviving the domains because he or she believed that local culture fully developed within the domain units during the Tokugawa period.