Minkan Kenpō Rinchō

[Citizens' Committee on the Constitution]

Minkan Kenpō Rinchō (民間憲法臨調 21世紀の日本と憲法) was established in 2001 to promote discussion on constitutional revision in order to advance more fruitful discussions in the Diet’s Research Commissions on the Constitution, which were founded in 2000 in the both houses.

Their report in 2002 proposed constitutional revision, focusing on two issues: national security and the process of constitutional revision. The report argued that Article 9 should specify the status of Japanese “military” and collective self-defense rights, and that the National Referendum Law should be enacted, relaxing the conditions for constitutional revision; the National Referendum Law was enacted in 2007.

Their website contained their proposals, event information, and various materials related to constitutional discussion, such as the results of public opinion polls that show public support for constitutional revision.