Nakasone Yasuhiro Peace Institute (NPI)

Nakasone Yasuhiro Sekai Heiwa Kenkyūjyo

(Former: Institute for International Policy Studies)

The Nakasone Yasuhiro Peace Institute (中曽根康弘世界平和研究所) was founded in 1988 as the Institute for International Policy Studies (世界平和研究所), aiming to make policy recommendations for international relations associated with six ministries and agencies, including the then-Defense Agency (the current Ministry of Defense), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. The first chairperson was former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone. In 2018, the institute was renamed after Nakasone’s name, and it is commonly called the Nakasone Peace Institute (中曽根平和研究所, NPI).

In 2005, the institute offered its original constitutional revision draft in which it defines the emperor as the chief of state; moves popular sovereignty to the first chapter; renames the Self-Defense Forces as a security force (防衛軍); and clarifies foreigners’ human rights. The revision draft also established more detailed restrictions on separation of religion and state; determined protection of the family as a fundamental social unit; mentioned new human rights, such as environmental rights and the right to privacy; and enforces the independence of the two Houses. It also suggests a simplified the process of constitutional revision.