Nippon Kōshintō

[Nippon Public Advanced Party]


The Nippon Kōshhintō, a group of young aspiring politicians, was registered as a political organization by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication in 2004. The founding members were all in their 20s when they founded the party. The party platform is critical of Japan’s postwar democracy, and it advocates for Japan’s traditions, ethos, respect for culture, sense of public duty (kōtokushin), and the promotion of patriotism as solutions to Japan’s problems. The party emphasizes that the current Constitution was established by the American occupation army. Its goal is to be truly sovereign and free from America’s hegemonic system and the postwar system through constitutional revision. 

In 2000, it published the Nippon Kōshintō’s Revised Draft of the Constitution of Japan. A new draft that was partially amended and published in 2001. The draft proposes making the Emperor the head of state, allowing the Emperor to conduct rituals and Shintō-style religious ceremonies, and removing any impediments to participating in memorial services for the war dead or visiting Yasukuni Shrine. It also stipulates that the Prime Minister has the authority to command and supervise the Self-Defense Army (Jieigun), and also includes a proposal that would prohibit the abuse of rights during an emergency or a state of emergency in order to maintain public order.