“Shinjitsuichiro no tabi nareba,” a personal website by an author who goes by Seiji Sanpei, contains a document titled “Constitutional Revision: A New Draft of the Constitution of Japan to Specify Popular Sovereignty.” The entire text of this draft by this author was uploaded to this page. The proposals in the draft include a plebiscite system; dividing administrative power among the national, state, and city governments; a unicameral system; and a system of a direct election of the prime minister.
The website also has related documents such as Prince Shōtoku's Seventeen-Article Constitution, the Charter Oath, the Meiji Constitution (the Constitution of the Empire of Japan), the original text of the Potsdam Declaration, and SCAP’s drafts of the Constitution. The author also provides commentary for Prince Shōtoku’s Constitution, the Charter Oath, and the Constitution of Japan.