Shimin Rikken Fōramu

[Citizen's Forum for Constitutionalism]

Shimin Rikken Fōramu (市民立憲フォーラム) encouraged Japanese citizens to consider and discuss the constitution, and sought to provide the citizens with comprehensive information about the constitution.

In 2005, the forum presented its own proposal draft for a new constitution after a one-year discussion amongst scholars and activists, including the representative of the Peace Forum (平和フォーラム), Takashi Ebashi; they also accepted opinions and comments from the ordinary audience. Ebachi personally published a draft for “Chapter 0” to determine citizens as sovereign.

Their website shared links related to constitutional discussion, such as newspaper articles, proposals from political parties, and reports of the Research Commission on the Constitution of the House of Councillors and of the House of Representatives. As of June 2021, the website has not been updated since 2008.