TAMAKI Yūichirō


Yūichirō Tamaki is the first and current leader of the Democratic Party for the People (国民民主党). Prior to this position, he also served as leader of the Party of Hope (希望の党) from 2017-2018, and he has been a member of the House of Representatives since 2009.

Tamaki identifies himself with “liberal conservatives.” In the context of constitutional discussion, he argues for the establishment of a constitutional court and government reform. He insists that the Self-Defense Forces not take military action abroad and that Article 9 specify the definition and limitation of self-defense rights; he argues that Clause 2 of Article 9 should be deleted. Although he opposed the LDP’s 2012 draft and constitutional revision led by the Abe Administration, Tamaki has supported constitutional discussion in the Diet (2020 interview).