World Government Institute Japan (SUZUKI Toshio)

Sekai Seifu Kenkyūjo (SUZUKI Toshio)

The World Government Institute has branches in many countries, including Japan. The institute’s goal is the establishment of the World Federation, the prevention of war, the realization of an international common currency, and eradicating poverty through job creation. It also works together with the World Party and Network for World Citizens. All three of these sections (bumon) have different rolls in the world government movement. The World Government Institute is responsible for discussion and theory, the Network for World Class Citizens is the “action section,” and the Network for World Class Citizen is connected to citizens and groups that support the world government movement.

The World Government Institute of Japan’s website is run by Toshio Suzuki, a staff member of the World Government Institute (Japan branch). The website features a revised draft of the Constitution entitled, “A Draft of a New Constitution of Japan.” Some of the important provisions in the draft are the creating a foreign policy for the establishment and maintenance of world democracy with the Japanese people as world citizens, and the abolishment of the Emperor system and the establishment of a presidential system.