Okiharu Yasuoka was a member of the House of Representatives (1972-1990, 1993-2009, 2012-2017) and former Minister of Justice (2000 and again in 2008). He belonged to the Liberal Democratic Party and led its internal committees on the Constitution as chairperson. These committees were the Kenpō Chōsakai/Kenpō Kaisei Project Team (憲法調査会/憲法改正プロジェクトチーム) and the Headquarters for constitutional reform promotion (憲法改正推進本部). He passed away in 2019.

Yasuoka's website states his views on the constitution and constitutional revision. It also includes concise summaries by many renowned scholars and politicians on their perspectives on constitutional revision, the right of collective self-defense, and popular election of the prime minister. Yasuoka respected the three fundamental principles in the current constitution - popular sovereignty, fundamental human rights, and pacifism. However, he also thought that the current constitution should be revised to address emergencies; specify Japan's right to maintain military power for self defense; and define the right to individual and collective self-defense. In addition, he advocated that Japan rewrite the constitution in proper Japanese and include clauses for environmental protection and privacy.