Japan Federation of Bar Associations (JFBA)

Nihon Bengoshi Rengōkai

The Japan Federation of Bar Associations (日本弁護士連合会, JFBA) was founded in 1949 as a mandatory membership organization of all attorneys registered to practice law in Japan. Their objectives include protection of fundamental human rights and of realization of social justice.

In 2005, the JFBA issued a statement to declare that they positively recognized the global and normative significance of Article 9, which determines renunciation of war. This association also respects the three principles in the current constitution: popular sovereignty, fundamental human rights, and pacifism. In this context, the JFBA has been opposed to constitutional revision led by the LDP and promoted the constitution, organizing a special section for constitutional issues.

In 2013, the JFBA adopted a resolution to criticize the government for reinterpreting the constitution to allow Japan to exercise its collective self-defense right.