Japan Lawyers Association for Freedom (JLAF)

Jiyū Hōsōdan

The Japan Lawyers Association for Freedom (自由法曹団, JLAF) was established in 1921 with the purpose of "ensuring fundamental human rights, strengthening democracy, and contributing to the creation of a peaceful, independent, and democratic Japan (JLAF website). The members include 2,100 attorneys, and there are 41 branches throughout the country.

In 2015, working with five other legal organizations, including the Japan Democratic Lawyer’s Association (日本民主法律家協会), the association released a statement to call for cancelation of the security bills. In 2019, the same six legal organizations published a booklet to critically examine the LDP’s constitutional revision proposals, featuring the four topics that the LDP narrowed down to in 2018: (1) security, (2) national emergency, (3) vote disparity, and (4) enhancement of education. The booklet concluded that the LDP’s main focus is “security”: changing Article 9 and creating a new clause for national emergency with the aim to shift Japan from pacifism determined in Article 9 to militarism more strongly tied to the US-Japan Security Treaty. The booklet also pointed out the LDP uses other topics to involve the opposition parties in discussion to eventually lead to constitutional revision.

This association's website contains many official statements and resolutions against constitutional revision and related issues.