Shingo Nishimura was a member of the House of Representatives (1993-2009, 2012-2014). He is known as a right-wing politician, affiliated with a multi-party parliamentary group (日本会議国会議員懇談会) connected to a nation-wide conservative organization, Nippon Kaigi.

He started his career as a Diet member, belonging to the Democratic Socialist Party (民社党). He was a member of a far-right political party, the Party for Japanese Kokoro (日本のこころ) when he retired from the Diet membership. All political parties that he was affiliated with have since dissolved.

Nishimura's website offers recommendations for constitutional revision. He supports rewriting the constitution in proper Japanese, making the emperor head of state, specifying the status of the military for national security, establishing civilian control of the military, emphasizing both the rights and responsibilities of citizens, establishing a court of justice for the constitution, and revising the procedure for constitutional revision.