Party for Japanese Kokoro

Nippon no Kokoro


In 2014, the Japan Restoration Party (日本維新の会, 2012-2014) split into two groups; one followed Tōru Hashimoto, and the other supported Shintarō Ishihara. Ishihara’s group created a new party, originally named the Party for Future Generations (次世代の党) but ultimately renamed the Party for Japanese Kokoro (日本のこころ).

The Party for Japanese Kokoro was in favor of constitutional revision and published a draft in April 2017, emphasizing the importance of cultivation of nationalism and stipulating that Japan has a standing “military” and that traditional families should be preserved as a fundamental social unit.

After a poor result in the general election in October 2017, the Party for Japanese Kokoro became disqualified as a national party. In November 2018, the party was absorbed by the Liberal Democratic Party.