Save Constitutional Democracy Japan

Rikken Demokurasī no Kai

Save Constitutional Democracy Japan (立憲デモクラシーの会) was founded in 2014 after the State Secrecy Law was approved under the Abe administration in October 2013, by social science and humanities scholars, such as Yōichi Higuchi (Tokyo University), Jirō Yamaguchi (Hōsei University) and the late Yasuhiro Okudaira (Tokyo University); Okudaira passed away in January 2015.

This group originally aimed to prevent the Abe administration from “dismantling the constitution.” The group criticized the Abe administration for becoming despotic by being the majority in the Diet and ignoring the Japanese people’s individual dignity and freedom in their prospectus.

They were strongly opposed to the security bills approved in the Diet under the Abe administration in 2015. Since PM Shinzō Abe resigned as prime minister in September 2020, this group has continued criticizing the LDP government for being unconstitutional. Their website publishes their statements and information about their actions.