Shimin Rengō

Shimin Rengō (安保法制の廃止と立憲主義の回復を求める市民連合, commonly called 市民連合), was founded in December 2015, calling for cancellation of the security bills that were approved in the Diet in September 2015.

Shimin Rengō aims to encourage opposition parties to ally against the government by supporting candidates from opposition parties in national elections. This group is composed of several citizens’ groups: Sōgakari Kōdo Jikkō Iinkai (戦争させない・9条壊すな!総がかり行動実行委員会), the Association of Scholars Opposed to the Security-related Laws (安全保障関連法に反対する学者の会), Mothers against War (安保関連法に反対するママの会), Save Constitutional Democracy Japan (立憲デモクラシーの会), and SEALDs (dissolved in August 2016). This group also has a website that provides information about their actions.