Shinto Association of Spiritual Leadership (Shinseiren)

Shintō Seiji Renmei

The Shinto Association of Spiritual Leadership (神道政治連盟, abbreviated Shinseiren) is a Jinja Honchō-related group, which was founded in 1969. According to their website, the association's mission is “correctly bequeathing Japanese culture and traditions that Japanese people should be proud of.”

This group has called for constitutional revision, preservation and restoration of Shinto religious rites, and protection of respects for the Royal Family. Shinseiren has also pushed retention of traditional family structures/roles and moral education (道徳教育). They also claim that Japan should correct “misunderstandings about its history” and be able to defend its territory without relying on any foreign country.

The group has worked closely with Utsukushii Nippon no Kenpō o Tsukuru Kokumin no Kai, which has strong personal connections with a large conservative grass-roots organization, Nippon Kaigi, to support a national movement for constitutional revision Utsukushii Nippon no Kenpō o Tsukuru Kokumin no Kai. Shinseiren also officially supports 295 Diet members as of July 21, 2021. Shintō Seiji Renmei Kokkai Giin Kondankai (神道政治連盟国会議員懇談会) is a group composed of the Diet members who agree with Shinseiren’s ideas.