Students Emergency Action for Liberal Democracy-s (SEALDs)

Jiyū to Minshushugi no tame no Gakusei Kinkyū Kōdō (SEALDs)

Founded in May 2015, the Students Emergency Action for Liberal Democracy-s (自由と民主主義のための学生緊急行動, commonly called SEALDs) protested against the Abe administration, especially regarding the Security Bills and its push for constitutional reform. The members organized this group based on the Students Against Secret Protection Law (特定秘密保護法に反対する学生有志の会, ASPL), which was founded in 2014 to oppose the State Secrecy Law.

The SEALDs played a significant role in developing the nation-wide protests against the security bills in 2015. They involved many individuals in the protests via social media platforms. The group didn’t have a clear membership system or hierarchical leadership; those who were interested in the anti-security-bills protests spontaneously participated in their demonstrations. Following their styles, various groups were founded throughout Japan by college/high school students, mothers, middle-age people. The SEALDs dissolved in August 2018. On their website, the SEALDs published information about their activities, including their statements.