Yurusuna! Kenpō Kaiaku Renrakukai

[Never Constitution Revision Network]

Yurusuna! Kenpō Kaiaku Renrakukai (許すな!憲法改悪・連絡会) is an organization founded in 1999, to prevent constitutional revision. At the time this group was founded, they opposed the government enacting laws to follow the new guidelines for the US-Japan Security Treaty that stretched the range of the Self-Defense Forces' mission, including the Act on Measures to Ensure the Peace and Security of Japan in Perilous Situations in Areas Surrounding Japan (周辺事態法).

Protecting especially Article 9, the group has been opposed to constitutional revision pushed by the LDP and conservatives, criticizing them for changing Japan from “a country that never wages wars” to “a country that can carry on wars”. The organization aims to avoid wars by creating solidarity with people from Asian countries, for example, by overcoming territorial disputes.

In 2015, working with other various citizens’ groups, this group called for cancellation of the security bills, which the Abe administration let the Diet approve to allow Japan to exercise its collective self-defense rights.

Looking to build a wide-range network against constitutional revision, this website shares information on demonstrations, signature-collection campaigns, and publications from like-minded groups and individuals; the website also contains articles from their magazine, “[The Constitution and Me] (私と憲法).”