Article 9 Association

9-jō no Kai

Article 9 Association

The Article 9 Association, one of the largest anti-constitutional revision associations in Japan, was founded in 2004 by nine notable Japanese figures, Inoue Hisashi (writer), Umehara Takeshi (philosopher), Ōe Kenzaburō (writer), Okudaira Yasuhiro (constitutional scholar), Oda Makoto (writer and activist), Katō Shūichi (critic), Sawachi Hisae (writer), Tsurumi Shunsuke (philosopher), and Miki Mutsuko (activist).

According to the Tokyo Shimbun’s report, as of November 2011, the association had recognized approximately 7500 local, vocational, religious, and various congenial branch-groups throughout Japan. Their platform is critical of constitutional revision, believing that it will negatively transform Japan into a "war-waging country" (戦争をする国). Rather, this association argues that Japan ought to shift its diplomatic priorities away from the military alliance with the United States and instead develop friendly ties with the peoples of Asia as well as other regions.

On their website, the association collects short messages from scholars, lawyers, writers, and artists, and hosts activities, publications, and mail magazines sponsored by the association.

Shūkyōsha 9-jō no Wa

A splinter group of the Article 9 Association (九条の会), Shūkyōsha 9-jō no Wa is composed of people from many different religions who aim to prevent Article 9 from being amended. This group was founded in 2005, approximately one year later than the Article 9 Association was established in 2004.

In 2013, they published a statement in protest of the Abe administration changing interpretation of Article 9 to enable Japan to enact its collective self-defense.