Anti-war Committee of 1000

Senō o Sasenai 1000-nin Iinkai

The Anti-war Committee of (1000 戦争をさせない1000人委員会) was founded in 2014 by several intellectuals, such as Kenzaburo Ōe (writer), Keiko Ochiai (writer) and Rika Kayama (psychiatrist).

This group has worked to round up people to protest against the LDP government, arguing they are ignoring pacifism, popular sovereignty, and respect for human rights, which are represented by the constitution. They have criticized the government for pushing significant policies without deliberation in the Diet.

Protecting the constitution, They have opposed the State Secrecy Law and the security bills as well. According to the Mainichi Shimbun, they collected approximately 1.75 million signatures from those who were against the security bill in 2014. Their website provides their statements and information of their demonstrations.