Sōgakari Kōdō Jikkō Iinkai

[All Together for Protection of Article 9]

Sōgakari Kōdō Jikkō Iinkai (戦争させない・9条壊すな!総がかり行動実行委員会, shortly called 総がかり行動実行委員会) is composed of three citizens’ groups which have developed a large-scale protest against the Abe administration and the post-Abe LDP administrations to oppose constitutional revision and other governmental policies that they regard as unconstitutional: the Anti-war Committee of 1000 (戦争をさせない1000人委員会), Kaishaku de Kenpō 9-jō o Kowasuna! Jikkō Iinkai (解釈で憲法9条を壊すな!実行委員会), and Kenpō Kyōdō Sentā (戦争する国づくりストップ!憲法を守り・いかす共同センター, shortly called 憲法共同センター).

They organized demonstrations to protest against the security bills around the Diet in 2015, working together with other various citizens' groups. Their website collects signatures for petitions and mobilizes people for antigovernment demonstrations.