[The Association of Naval Officers]

Suikōkai was founded in 1952, aiming to enhance mutual friendship among retired and on-active-service personnel from the Imperial Japanese Navy and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force; its predecessor group, Suikōsha, was founded in 1876. Research about ocean security is a main part of this group’s activities.

This group has regularly printed a magazine in which members write about security issues, including the security bills in 2015; some of the articles are available here. This group has also published an annual policy proposal with Taiyūkai (隊友会), Kaikōsha (偕行社), and Tsubasakai (つばさ会) since 2016. The policy proposal demands that the constitution be revised to specify the status of “National Defense Forces (国防軍).” The annual policy proposal can be found here (from Tsubasakai’s website).