[The Japanese Legion]

Founded in 1960, Taiyūkai is mainly composed of retired Self-Defense Forces (SDF) personnel.

According to the Asahi Shimbun’s report in 2018, this group calls for constitutional revision; one of their main demands is specifying the status of the SDF in Article 9. This group has also collected signatures from people who are in favor of constitutional revision associated with the Tokyo branch of the biggest pro-constitutional revision group, Utsukushii Nippon no Kenpō o Tsukuru Kokumin no Kai (美しい日本の憲法をつくる国民の会), which is closely working with Nippon Kaigi.

This group has published an annual policy proposal with Suikōkai (水交会), Kaikōsha (偕行社), and Tsubasakai (つばさ会) since 2016. The policy proposal demands that the constitution be revised to specify the status of “National Defense Forces (国防軍).” The annual policy proposal can be found here (from Tsubasakai’s website).