Jieitai Kazokukai

[The Association of Families of the Self-Defense Forces Personnel]

Composed of families of Self-Defense Forces (SDF) personnel, Jieitai Kazokukai was founded in 1976, aiming to support SDF personnel and their families.

This association has established several branches throughout Japan and prints a newsletter, “Oyabato,” which provides information about and endorses the SDF's activities. This association has also published an annual paper about the SDF and Japanese security, “Defense World,” for those who are interested in serving in the SDF. According to this paper, this group calls for constitutional revision, especially of Article 9, to remove suspicion that the SDF is “unconstitutional” under the current constitution. They aim for a situation where SDF personnel can devote themselves to serving with pride and motivation. Here is a chapter about the constitution from “Defense World,” published in 2018:「憲法と自衛隊」『Defense World 18』(Japanese: PDF). “Oyabato” and “Defense World” are both available as PDFs on this website.