Kenpō Kyōdō Center

Sensōsuru Kunizukuri Sutoppu! Kenpō o Mamori Ikasu Kyōdō Sentā (Kenpō Kyōdō Sentā)

[Cooperative Center for Protection of the Constitution]

The Kenpō Kyōdō Sentā (戦争する国づくりストップ!憲法を守り・いかす共同センター, called 憲法共同センター for short) introduces information of events, demonstrations, and signature-collection campaigns from various anti-revision associations in order to develop a popular political movement throughout the country.

This organization renamed itself from [the Cooperative Center against Constitutional Revision] (憲法改悪反対共同センター), aiming to make their protest against the Abe administration more clear; they criticized the government for allowing Japan to exercise its collective self-defense rights by interpreting the constitution.

Protecting especially Article 9, the group has continued to oppose the post-Abe LDP government’s policies that they recognize as violating the constitution.