International Women's Year Liaison Group

Kokusai Fujinnen Renrakukai

The first World Conference on Women was held in Mexico in 1975; the year was named “International Women’s Year (IWY)” by the United Nations. Aiming to organize a domestic conference in Tokyo to commemorate the IWY, an organizers’ group was founded by leaders of several womens’ groups, including Fusae Ichikawa, a politician and a leader of the women's suffrage movement. The conference was held in November 1975, and the group continued to develop coordination amongst womens’ groups throughout Japan afterward.

In 2001, the group renamed itself the International Women's Year Liaison Group (国際婦人年連絡会). This group started a commission on the constitution around the end of 2008 and has opposed revision of the constitution. On their website, the group publishes information about their seminars and conferences, as well as reports and petitions submitted to the government.