Zenkoku Rōdō Kumiai Sōrengō (Zenrōren)

Zenkoku Rōdō Kumiai Sōrengō (全国労働組合総連合, abbreviated Zenrōren) is a national center for labor unions founded in 1989 by labor groups which were close to the Japanese Communist Party (日本共産党, JCP); these unions came together in opposition to Rengō.

Working with other citizens’ groups, such as Abe 9-jo Kaiken No! (安倍9条改憲NO!全国市民アクション), Kenpō Kyōdō Sentā (憲法共同センター), and the Article 9 Association (九条の会), this organization has collected signatures and organized demonstrations to oppose constitutional revision; their campaign information is available on their website. In 2015, Zenrōren officially protested the security bills and called for cancelation of the bills.