Japanese Communist Party (JCP)

Nihon Kyōsantō


Established in 1922, the Japanese Communist Party (JCP) is one of the largest non-ruling communist parties in the world. Originally founded as an underground political association based on early anarcho-syndicalist and Christian socialist movements, the JCP was legalized as a political party by the American military occupation of Japan in 1945.

The JCP promotes socialism, democracy, and peace while opposing militarism, and their stance towards constitutional revision includes the defense of Article 9. On their website, the JCP lists articles in chronological order on political and citizens' movements, mainly regarding Article 9. The party strongly opposes changing Article 9 to make the Self-Defense Forces (SDF) a full military force and allowing the SDF to initiate or participate in overseas military actions. The party also argues that abolishing Article 9 will make Japan a militaristic country and will disrupt peace and security in East Asia, adding that following the lead of the US is not always desirable.