Nihon Gōyū Renmei

[The Japan Compatriot League]

After World War II, soldiers who served in the Armed Forces of the Empire of Japan combined several smaller soldier groups into a single Japan-wide organization in 1955. After some reorganization, “Nihon Gōyū Renmei” became the official name for the organization in 1956.

This group criticizes the ineffectiveness of the Constitution of Japan and calls for constitutional revision. This group has also supported former Prime Minister Abe Shinzō, who strongly pushed constitutional revision while in office, and some lawmakers who started their career from the Self-Defense Forces.

In 2015, this organization jointly published a book with Kaikōsha (偕行社), a group of retired officers and civil servants from the Imperial Japanese Army and the Japanese Ground/Air Self-Defense Forces. In this book, they criticize the current constitution for lacking sufficient support of national defense and call for revision of Article 9. On their website, the group publishes articles by their members as well as information about their activities.