Abe 9-jō Keiken No!

Abe 9-jō Kaiken NO! Zenkoku Shimin Akushon

Founded in 2017, Zenkoku Shimin Akushon (安倍9条改憲NO!全国市民アクション ) originally aimed to mobilize people for demonstrations against revision of Article 9 under the Abe administration.

This group has actively continued to be opposed to constitutional revision under the LDP’s leadership after Abe resigned as Prime Minister in September 2020. The group is associated with other citizen’s groups such as the Article 9 Association (9条の会) and Sōgakari Kōdō Jikkō Iinkai (戦争させない・9条壊すな!総がかり行動実行委員会). Their website collects signatures for petitions and contains information about anti-government demonstrations and poster design data for protests.